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The Moscow Circus®: U.S. Theatre Tour

PRESENTER: Agrees to provide the following items and/or services in the manner specified. Questions concerning details, specifications, substitutions may be directed to the production manager – for current contact info please call (718) 349-2286.

Please distribute a copy of this rider to all staff involved in technical set up.

All changes to this Technical Rider (replacements, additions or substitutions) must be approved in writing by Sasha or Elena Vosk.


PRESENTER will provide Moscow Circus with the completed Technical Questionnaire 8 weeks prior to the engagement and Presenter Questionnaire to facilitate program and scheduling decision in a timely manner. In addition to these questionnaires, PRESENTER should provide the following data of the performance space:

  • Theater ground plan.
  • Center-line cross-section.
  • Stage pipe/batten line plot.
  • Accurate lighting and sound equipment inventory with a description of control system.
  • A general description of the theater: type, seating arrangement and capacity.
  • Type of crew (professional/student/intern/other).
  • Stage floor condition.
  • Dressing room specifications.


PRESENTER warrants that the theater performance space and related audience areas including directly adjacent lobbies will be used solely for company activities from the time the COMPANY arrives for load-in thru load-out.


While typically the COMPANY will travel to the city and venue via COMPANY-supplied motorcoach; the PRESENTER agrees to provide adequate local transportation between the local theater, hotels, airports and/or any outreach style activities for all rehearsals, performances and residency activities as needed.


PRESENTER agrees to confirm performance times, dates and other activities with Global Entertainment Productions prior to public release or printing of promotional information.


Moscow Circus shall have exclusive, unrestricted access to the theater, stage, dressing rooms, crew and equipment for the full duration of the engagement, starting with load-in, unless otherwise specified. The Moscow Circus requests access to the theater and stage for load-in and set-up for 5-8 hours prior to the first performance. The stage shall be entirely cleared and in readiness prior to the arrival of Moscow Circus. The stage area, wings, and dressing rooms shall be heated (or cooled) to 67-78 degrees F. The minimum stage area should be 28’ wide (proscenium opening) and 28' deep (curtain line to cyc or rear curtain) with the proscenium opening at least 18' (6m) high, preferred 24’-27’ (8-9m).

The stage must be flat and not raked. There must be wing space of at least 12' on each side of the stage, and a cross over space, on-stage, behind stage, or below. The stage floor must be resilient wood and its surface free from splinters, holes, or any other obtrusions. The floor cannot be concrete. If the stage is wood laid directly over concrete, the concrete must be at least 8” thick and the PRESENTER agrees to provide 11 4” long concrete anchors and all tools necessary to insert the anchors into the concrete. Before showtime, the stage must be swept and damp-mopped.

  • The PRESENTER agrees with the fact that COMPANY must lag into the stage floor 2 or 3 hoist rings with 2 lag bolts each to attach guy wire for its aerial acts. If this presents a problem, please contact the producer to discus the alternative ways.
  • The PRESENTER understands and agrees to allow the COMPANY to rig from the grid or 1-2 pips 3 points -2 for the aerial rig and one for a cable pick. The aerial points are to be in the midstage area. The 3rd point will drop over a wing to be determined at load-in. The PRESENTER is to provide a grid pipe and 2 cable sheaves.
  • The PRESENTER agrees to provide any additional personnel for the rigging or lagging if so required by the presenting theater.

In the event the PRESENTER is unable to meet the rigging requirements for the show, will not allow lagging into the stage, or the theater’s proscenium height is under 18’, they are to contact the COMPANY immediately to discuss the alternatives.


1 A Main drape and main teaser  
4 sets Black legs  
1 Seamless white or blue cyclorama – full stage white
4 Borders black
1 please provide a scrim that will measure at least 20’ high.

(good condition)

2 Full stage blackout curtains (moveable between line sets. black

All draperies should be hung according to advanced lineset schedule prior to the arrival of the COMPANY.


The PRESENTER will provide a set-up crew to accurately pre-hang, circuit, and color the COMPANY light plot and soft goods. It is essential that the lighting plot is ready for patch and focus according to the light plot PRIOR to the arrival of the COMPANY’s Production Stage Manager, with any delays resulting from this not being done the responsibility of the PRESENTER, and any costs incurred to hire additional labor to complete this work shall be the sole responsibility of the PRESENTER.


The PRESENTER agrees to provide lighting equipment to meet minimum COMPANY lighting requirements including the following items:

  • One ladder, scaffold, or man-lift tall enough to allow safe access for focusing instruments will be required for focusing stage electrics at high trim position.
  • Followspot locations (two) such that they are able to cover the entire stage upstage of the plaster line and able to hit a point high up on the cyc for our aerial acts, and cover the area of the first 3 rows of the orchestra seating.

If the theater cannot meet minimum company requirements with existing equipment, it will be necessary for the PRESENTER to provide additional equipment. The COMPANY will make every effort to minimize equipment rental while maintaining its artistic standards. Basic time requirements for focus and cueing will be five hours. 3 hours will be required for spacing rehearsal (note that spacing and focus times can partially overlap).

Please note that, due to the specifics of the circus genre, fixture counts and type listed in Section 10 may vary from listed schedule. It is the intention of the design to be containable within a typical presenting theatre’s fixture inventory however total fixture counts are pending and it is the PRESENTER’S responsibility to provide total fixture count. The final lighting design will be provided to Presenter on time.

9 - Lighting Equipment Schedule (Preliminary)

(PRESENTER required to provide)

# Item Notes
1 ETC Expression 3 lighting console Or equivalent. It is strongly urged that if; you do not have one, rent one, otherwise it will be necessary to enter all the cues manually.
150 2.4KW Dimmers  
18 1.5KW Far Cyc Units Or enough for an even top wash of cyc
5 12 cell, 3 circuit, T3 floor strips  
20 19° 575W ETC Source4 Or equivalent
36 26° 575W ETC Source4 Or equivalent
48 36° 575W ETC Source4 Or equivalent
15 8" 1KW fresnel  
36 PAR64 1KW MFL  
~ Lighting color – per lighting plot  
8 12’ Floor booms 6 sidearms per boom
2 1.6 Lycian long throw followspots Or equivalent (per theatre size)
  Sufficient gel frames, color media, C-Clamps, sidearms, and stage cable, safety cables  
1 LCD video projector

One un-switched electrical circuit is required for this unit. The projector must be placed in a position that allows an unobstructed full-screen image on the white scrim. This will normally be 30-70 feet from the scrim, depending on the lens used, the required image size, etc.

In some venues this may require placing the projector on a stand in the seating, and or requiring seats to be held back from sale.

The company is planning to carry a LCD video projector. One un-switched electrical circuit is required for this unit. The projector must be placed in a position that allows an unobstructed full-screen image on the white scrim. This will normally be 30-70 feet from the scrim, depending on the lens used, the required image size, etc.

In some venues this may require placing the projector on a stand in the seating, and or requiring seats to be held back from sale.


The PRESENTER to provide professional audio system comprised in working order such that entire theater audience area (including entire balcony and front of orchestra seating) will be covered to a level of 95db SPL. System should be comprised of professional quality components and controllable by COMPANY audio engineer.

Additional equipment required:

Quant Item Notes
1 24 channel Mixing desk (Midas Heritage 1000 or technical equivalent)
2 Multi-effects processors (SPX990 or equivalent)
2 5 band parametric EQ channels (patchable and dedicated for COMPANY use)
4 1/3 octave graphic EQ channels (patchable and dedicated for COMPANY use)
2 Wireless handhelds microphones  
2 Mixes – 1 for the downstage monitors , 1 for the sidefills  
2 CD player  
4 Side fill monitors, need them in the 2nd and 3rd wings (Adequate to cover performance area – 1 mix total for sidefills)
3 Downstage monitors- 1 center stage, 1 each stage left and stage right. Leave enough cables on the off-center monitors so they can be positioned. 1 mix, separate from the sidefill mix
1 Paging system to dressing room areas (optional if not available)
  Sufficient cabling, patch cords, adapters to interconnect requested equipment  
  All necessary cabling to connect FOH control position to stage, amplifiers, etc…  

The PRESENTER’s audio engineers are to have the PA and monitors reasonably rung out upon the COMPANY’s arrival. Final adjustments will be made upon the arrival of the COMPANY’s musicians.


The PRESENTER agrees to provide an intercom headset system for both flypeople, sound operator, spot operators, and light board operator, as well as for the COMPANY’s production stage manager and head carpenter/rigger, with cables long enough to reach all wing space


The PRESENTER agrees to provide;

1 Chemical-based fogger with a Cold Flow attachment and fan to distribute/disperse fog. Or equivalent. Fogger should be powerful enough to fill the entire stage area.
1 Reel EFX DF-50 hazer Or equivalent.


Moscow Circus travels with a Production Stage Manager. The PRESENTER’s Technical Director and COMPANY’s PSM shall mutually determine the schedule and size and type of crew required for load-in, set-up, technical rehearsal and performance. Load-In is scheduled for 8:00AM, unless a different time is mutually approved by the COMPANY’s Producer & PSM and PRESENTER’s Technical Director, as determined by theater conditions, labor rules, and house practices.

CARPENTER 8: 2 of whom ust be riggers 5 8: 2 of whom must be riggers In non-union theaters, 2-4 carpenters will be assigned as truck loaders.
TRUCK LOADERS (where required) 4 0 4  
ELECTRICS 4: 1 Board op 3 for focus 4: 1 Board op 2 followspot ops, 1 deck electrician 2  
AUDIO 2 1 1  
FLYS 4: 2 flymen 2 weight loaders 2 flymen 4: 2 flymen 2 weight loaders None of the COMPANY’s drops exceed 40 lbs, and the scrim is 90 lbs with bottom pipe.
PROPS 2 2 2 Props persons are responsible for moving pieces onstage-tables, large gymnastics mats and the such.
WARDROBE 2 1 2  
RUNNER 1 1 1 Must be knowledgeable of the local area and have a large clean vehicle capable of carrying up to 4 passengers.
TOTAL 23/27 16 20/24  

The PRESENTER must designate a Technical Director with decision-making authority, a Master Electrician, as well as someone familiar with the sound system in the facility to be present, responsible to, and accessible for consultation with the COMPANY at all crew calls.


The exact crew and work schedule will be determined after consultation between the COMPANY's Producer & PSM and PRESENTER'S Technical Director. An 8am load-in would be typical for an 8pm performance time. As per Section 5, if capability and schedule permits, COMPANY prefers to load-in day prior to performance day.


Moscow Circus requires separate dressing rooms for approximately 12 men and 6 women, located no more than one floor from the stage, with lighting, make-up tables, chairs, mirrors, costume racks, and nearby restrooms with lavatories and toilets (that are not for public use) and preferably with showers. Dressing rooms must be reserved exclusively for the use of the company, and must be secure from public.

Moscow Circus also requires one quiet private dressing room for exclusive use by the Director/Producer, Co-Director/Co-Producer, and Company Manager. In the same area as the dressing rooms COMPANY requests a wardrobe room, with water, lights, and electricity. The dressing room area should be clean, at a comfortable temperature of around 72 degrees, and set up prior to Moscow Circus arrival. For each side of the stage, please provide one small (4’ by 6’) wardrobe rack. One small (8’ x 8’) quick change booth might be needed, with its position to be determined at load-in. At load-in, please have available several rolling wardrobe racks.


If television, radio, film, or other activities should cause a delay in technical preparation for the show, the sponsor shall be responsible for the time, personnel and costs required to complete the technical preparation.


On load-in’s occurring on same day as first performance a lunch will be provided for COMPANY load-in crew of approximately five persons.

Beginning with Technical/Dress Rehearsals and continuing through performances, dressing rooms should be supplied with one quart of spring water (not carbonated!) for each person for each day and fruit juices. The PRESENTER will provide ice for injuries and one box of tissues per dressing room and one for each side of the stage (need to be replenished daily.) Starting at noon a backstage table near the dressing rooms should be supplied with hot soup, fresh cheeses and cold cuts, breads, fresh fruit and vegetables, and hot water for tea, plates, cups, utensils, napkins, condiments, etc., for Company use only (approximately 25 persons) for each performance day.


  1. COMPANY is traveling in a full-sized bus, which does not have to remain at the venue. The PRESENTER is to provide a safe area near the theater’s stage entrance for the COMPANY to safely dis/embark.

  2. COMPANY needs stairs from both sides of the stage into the house.

  3. All backstage crew for the show must be in all black clothing, including long-sleeved shirts.

  4. All cables running backstage must not be taped down and have sufficient slack to be repositioned to accommodate the COMPANY’S equipment and traffic patterns.


The PRESENTER must pay the COMPANY for all contracted shows regardless of ticket sales and weather conditions.


The COMPAY shall not be responsible for any costs required by union or other agents, including PRESENTOR, for personnel, whether operating or supervisory, or for any rental costs of production equipment. If musicians are imposed on the performance by the local union, the costs for such musicians will be the responsibility of the PRESENTER.


The PRESENTER agrees to obtain and pay for any and all local work permits, union fees, taxes and other local licenses that may be required for the COMPANY to carry out performances and residency activities covered by this agreement.

The PRESENTER shall provide for adequate insurance coverage, including insurance against losses due to fire or theft, and personal liability insurance covering the activities of the residency.

The PRESENTER agrees to indemnify and hold the COMPANY harmless from all claims arising in any manner in connection with the performance(s) or other residency activities, except to the extent that such claim may be occasioned by the negligent act(s) of the COMPANY.


Moscow Circus requests up to sixteen complimentary tickets for each performance, with two pair located center orchestra on a center aisle for the Artistic Director and the Producer. Any unused tickets will be returned no later than one hour before the performance.

In the event that the PRESENTER cannot fully meet any of the requirements noted above, the PRESENTER should, prior to acceptance, discuss written amendments to this agreement with the COMPANY’s Producers & Production Manager. Both the PRESENTER and the COMPANY must approve any changes to this rider in writing.

All technical advance work is handled by the COMPANY’s PSM. You can obtain their current information directly from Global Entertainment Productions.

Questions may also be directed to Artistic Director/Producer Sasha Vosk at
Global Entertainment Productions, Ltd.
145 Noble Street, Suite 14
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Tel/Fax +1 718 349-2286

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